Clients and Projects

Altawitawi Nickel Corporation 

Company: Altawitawi Nickel Corporation (ANC)
Project Area: Tumbagaan Island, Tawi-tawi

About 250 hectares of mineral claim located in Tumbagaan Island, Tawi-tawi is currently being explored by VTGI, headed by its Exploration Geologists, Leovigildo delos Reyes.

Geological mapping conducted for one month was able to delineate nickeliferous laterite deposits. Currently, four (4) portable mechanical drill rigs were mobilized for determining thickness of the laterite deposits. Exploration results are bounded by Confidentiality Agreement with ANC.

Macquarie Mineral Resources Inc.

Company: Macquarie Mineral Resources Inc
Project Area: Carmen, Surigao del Sur

Scope of Work:

  • Conducted geological mapping, sampling and core drilling for evaluation of high-iron laterite deposit
  • Conducted topographic and collar surveys of drill holes to be used for surface modeling and ore resource estimation
  • Prepared exploration report in accordance to PMRC-guidelines for reporting Exploration Results and Resource Estimates
  • Prepared exploration quarterly report as required by Mines and Geosciences Bureau
  • Prepared Feasibility Study, 3-year work program, EPEP, SDMP and FMRDP as required for the conversion of Exploration permit to Mineral Production Sharing Agreement Permit.
  • Conducted of road and cadastral surveys
  • Prepared mine level plans, sections and 3D models to visualize ore morphology.


Zambobase Metal Mining Inc.

Company: Zambobase Metal Mining Inc.
Project Area: Mambuaya, Cagayan de Oro City

Scope of Work:

  • Initial geological resource estimation of the placer gold associated with iron deposits in Mambuaya, Cagayan de Oro City
  • Implements geological mapping and test pitting to calculate initial geological resource of the placer gold-iron deposits.

Holcim Mining and Development Corporation

Company: Holcim Mining and Development Corporation
Project Area: San Rafael, Montalban, Rizal

Scope of Work:

  • Conduct of geological and geotechnical management of drilling activities for the purpose of identifying quality aggregate materials;
  • Assists the company’s technical consultants in providing geotechnical logging of core samples;
  • Supervises the drilling operations of HMDC thru QED and ensures safety operating procedures of the entire crew;
  • Provides maps and database of the drilling activities.

VTGI performed geological management of the drilling activities of Holcim Mining & Development Corporation (HMDC) last November 11 – Dec 2011 at San Rafael, Rizal Province. The purpose of the activity is to evaluate the potential of the property for mineable quality aggregates. VTGI is working with Mr. Graham Lee, an independent consultant of Holcim for INdustrial Minerals. Mr. Lee is based in Australia. Both VTGI and Mr. Lee are commissioned by HMDC to oversee the entire drilling program.

Holcim Mining & Development Corporation in a Memorandum of Agreement with San Rafael Development Corporation (SRDC) conducted drilling activities over the latter’s Mineral claim docketed as MPSA No 136-99-IV located at Barangay Mangahan, Municipality of San Rafael, province of Rizal, Philippines.

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Paraiso Consolidated Mining Corporation

Company: Paraiso Consolidated Mining Corporation
Project Areas:
Paraiso-Upper Ulip Area,
Diwalwal Mineral Reservation
Diwalwal, Compostela Valley
Scope of Work:

  • Geological evaluation of copper –gold potential of the area by conducting reconnaissance geological and geochemical mapping; semi-detailed geological and geochemical mapping and sampling, trenching and test pitting;
  • Proposed drill hole locations for porphyry copper deposits and conducted core logging;
  • Prepared exploration report for Exploration Results, signed by CP for Gold.

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Oriental Vision Mining Philippines Corporation

Company: Oriental Vision Mining Philippines Corp
Project Areas:
Chromite/Nickel Deposits, Sangay, Tubajon, Dinagat
Palhi Nickel Project, Dinagat Island
Placer Au deposit, Tubay, Agusan del Norte

Scope of Work:

  • Geological assessment of mineral deposits for gold, copper, nickel and chromite
  • Conduct of Drilling Exploration Work involving
    • Implementation of international standard protocol and supervision of drilling for Nickel laterites exploration
    • Prepares Resource Estimate report according to the Philippine Minerals Reporting Code (PMRC)
  • Geological mapping and documentations of drilling exploration
  • Preparation of quarterly and annual exploration report required by Mines and Geosciences Bureau

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Adnama Mining Resources Inc.

Company: Adnama Mining Resources Inc.
Project Areas:

  • Nickeliferrous Laterite deposits, Narra, Quezon, Palawan
  • Nickeliferrous Laterite deposits, Urbiztondo, Surigao del Sur
  • Sarangani Gold Project, Sarangani Province

Scope of Work:

  • Conduct of mineral evaluation thru the exploration activities such as geological mapping, test pitting, auger drilling and core drilling as may be necessary for the evaluation of the mineral deposit in the project area;
  • Implements standard protocol adopting international standards for nickeliferrous laterite deposits;
  • Prepares a PMRC-compliant exploration report as required by Mines and Geosciences Bureau and for Initial Public Offering.
  • Prepares quarterly exploration report as required by Mines and Geosciences Bureau.
  • Assists in the conduct of Information Education Campaign regarding Mineral Exploration to Local Communities, Indigenous People and Local Government Units.

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Oriental Vision Mining Philippines Corporation – Surigao del Sur

Company: Oriental Vision Mining Philippines Corp
Project Area: Tago, Marihatag, Cagwait and San Miguel, Surigao del Sur

Scope of Work

  • Implements exploration work program for Coal deposits in Tago, Tandag, Surigao del Sur such as geological mapping, trenching, test pitting and supervision of drilling activities in the area;
  • Conduct of Feasibility Study of the coal deposit for conversion of the COC-Exploration Permit to COC-Development and Production Permit;
  • Prepares and submit all statutorial requirements of Department of Energy in relation to the COC of the Company;
  • Conduct and preparation of Environmental Impact Statement for acquisition of ECC in relation to the mining developments of COC-148;
  • Coordinates with Department of Energy for all their required documents in behalf of COC Operator;
  • Assists the Company in securing NCIP clearance;
  • Conduct of public scoping and consultation to all stakeholders for the implementation of Mining and Development.

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Geopacific Resources Inc. – Surigao del Sur

Company: Geopacific Resources Inc.
Project Area: Cagdianao, Claver, Surigao del Sur

Scope of Work:

  • Supervision on the conduct of geological mapping and drilling for laterite deposits in Surigao del Sur. The final result will be a JORC compliant report to be used for Initial Public Offering (IPO);
  • Implementation of JORC-compliant Quality Assurance/Control on the drilling and sampling procedures of laterite deposit;
  • Supervision on the generation of drill hole database readily acceptable to most Geographic Information System platform and to ore resource modeling software;
  • Assists the Company in the acquisition and/or joint venture agreements with other Mining and Exploration Companies.

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Nihao Mineral Resources International Inc. – Isabela

Company: Nihao Mineral Resources International Inc.
Project Area: Dinapigue, Isabela

Scope of Work

  • Conduct of exploration activities such as geological mapping, sampling and core drilling;
  • Implements JORC-compliant QA/QC protocols for laterite deposit;
  • Assists consultants from SRK Consulting, an international company tasked to prepare JORC Resource Report of Dinapigue nickel deposit;
  • Provides resource model required by SRK Consulting for their evaluation and generation of resource report;
  • Prepare Feasibility study, including 3-Year Work Mine Development Program, Social Development Management Program, Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program and Mine Decommissioning;
  • Prepares quarterly exploration report as required by Mines and Geosciences Bureau

vtgi-nihao-project6 vtgi-nihao-project5 vtgi-nihao-project4 vtgi-nihao-project3 vtgi-nihao-project2 vtgi-nihao-project1

Citinickel Mines and Development Corporation – Palawan

Company: Citinickel Mines and Development Corporation
Project Area: Pulot, Espanola and Toronto, Narra, Palawan

Scope of Work

  • Project Management, creation of Table of Organization and building Manpower
  • Geological management and drilling supervision for upgrading mineral resource inventory; implementation of PMRC-compliant QA/QC protocols for nickeliferrous laterite deposits.
  • Provide updated maps of topographic survey, pit survey, mine facilities and drill hole progress;
  • Regular conduct of pit survey, stock pile survey, topographic survey in support of mine pit development and production;
  • Drilling for water source to supply mine facilities, such as laboratory, field office and staff house;
  • Prepare quarterly reports for required submission to Mines and Geosciences Bureau;
  • Continuing conduct of exploration to the entire mineral claim area to support expansion of mine development;
  • Preparation of reports and provision of maps as required by the client for PSE reporting and other government agencies;

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