Our Services

Verum Terra Geoscience Inc. (VTGI) provides the following services and the overview of the activities being done for each:

Mineral Exploration and Evaluation

VTGI has a pool of mineral exploration experts who have wide-ranging experience in the exploration of different types of mineral resources in the country. These experts not only possess competent knowledge of exploration techniques but are also much familiar with, and have significant field exposure to, Philippine geology, mineralization types, terrain, community and environmental issues..Read More..

 Environmental Impact Studies

It is important to study the impact of a mineral project from Exploration to Mining and Rehabilitation. We implement a holistic approach to environmental studies and identify the techniques that will suit each stage of the project..Read More..

Mine Development and Downstream Process

The successful operation of a mine depends on the pragmatic and efficient use of resources, thorough understanding of the deposit – its mineralization and distribution – and familiarity with mining operation technology as applied to specific deposits..Read More..

Geological Hazards, Risk Assessment, and Geoscience Studies

  • Geological Hazards Mapping
  • Vulnerability and Risk Mapping
  • Studies for Urban Planning and Zoning
  • Evaluation of Landfill Sites

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