Verum Terra Geoscience Inc. (VTGI) provides the following services and the overview of the activities being done for each:

Conduct of Mineral Exploration

  • Geological mapping
  • Geochemical sampling
  • Trenching, test pitting
  • Auger drilling
  • Core drilling

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Ore Resource/Reserve Estimation

  • Ore reporting using International Reporting Code
  • Resource evaluation based on mineral content and/or market
  • Use of latest technology for ore modeling and analysis

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Exploration Management

  • Optimized methods in terms of suitability, cost efficiency and time-bound results;
  • Implements international protocols for accurate and globally acceptable results;
  • Establishment of efficient manpower, monitors daily activities, submit timely accomplishment reports;
  • Deploy technical manpower and equipment necessary to daily exploration activities

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Environmental Studies

  • Baseline profiling
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Geological hazards studies
  • Risk assessment
  • Mine rehabilitation studies
  • Environmental protection and enhancement program

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Mine Planning and Monitoring

  • Prepare Short and Long Range Mine Plan and Mine Production schedule
  • Design and implement Social Development Management Programs
  • Monitors ore movement and equipment efficiency
  • Monitors shipment in terms of equipment availability and manpower allocation
  • Sensitivity analysis (Economics, ROI, IRR, NVP)

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Audit and Monitoring

  • Assessment of existing mine facilities, production efficiency, laboratory procedures and equipment accuracy;
  • Provision of standard materials for calibration of laboratory equipment
  • Monitors and prepares submission of reportorial requirements to concerned gov’t agencies

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Project Management

  • Technical assistance to setting up Organization and Manpower Build up for Mining Operations and Exploration
  • Standard salary schemes, job description, operational manual, office policies
  • Budget and financial lay-out
  • Conduct of public scoping and consultation to all stakeholders for the implementation of Exploration, Mining and Development.

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GIS Analysis, Data Management and Archiving

  • Secure data infrastructure, implements database system consistent with GIS environment for easy access, storage and analysis

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Mine Investment Promotions

  • Review and prepare documents for stock exchange requirements and other regulating government agencies
  • Project presentation to investors for future joint ventures and partnerships

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Downstream processes, research

  • Assessment of appropriate plant infrastructure to fit type of deposits and its economics

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