Ore Resource/Reserve Modeling and Estimation

We carry out Ore Resource and Ore Reserve estimation following national (PMRC) and international (e.g., JORC) codes. We determine the suitability of data based on code-guided criteria and conduct complementary procedures to validate the data. We have highly skilled and trained geologists and expert mining engineers who handle software-aided calculations, wireframe and block modeling and pre-feasibility and feasibility analyses. Multi-directional geostatistical analyses provide vector variograms of ore mineralization to optimize mine planning and execution. The best grade control parameters can also be deduced from these models. Sensitivity analyses (Economics, ROI, IRR, NVP) provide a realistic valuation of the mineral property that can enhance the potential of the deposit and provide an attractive packaging component for investing purposes.

We discuss Client objectives to lay out the best possible economic options or additional work to maximize deposit potential. Our familiarity with the Philippine mining business environment allows us to input calculated judgments with regards parameters used in any resource/reserve and economic calculation.

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